FIFA 18 My Player Career Mode info

FIFA 18 my player career mode info

EA sports has made a release of several features that we should expect to find from the career mode in FIFA 18. Information that has leaked from FIFA 18 beta has confirmed about several fantastic features that the game managers expect. For more tips and news on FIFA 18 just come us.

The new features on transfer

FIFA 18 enhances you to negotiate and conduct transfers more realistically and dynamically. Your career mode manager will now be able to individually meet with the selling club representatives to strike out a deal on a player. This transfer agreement is designed to happen in a natural and more realistic Frostbite fashion. All negotiations that you initiate will get taken via a combined transfer hub.

It is therefore now possible for you to keep real-time records in a single place. You will not have to go through past emails to find out the player you bid for. Career mode has also added new options to the transfer deals and contracts where it is possible to set up sell-on clauses, release requirements, appearance bonuses, goal bonuses and clean sheet bonuses.

Whats new in fifa 18 career mode

Dynamic news and New training can be choosed

After signing a player, that particular moment will now be displayed live via Career Modes News Clips. The exhibition will showcase the manager and the player as they complete the signing of the significant deal representing what happens in real life. Announcements on such issues will get displayed all over career mode news billboards. The system will also run the scenes such as when a player in your team wins the player of the month.

The team training has also got upgraded to a better and much-equipped training session. The system has added more than 15 new drills for training where you can choose a variety that suits you. Additionally, it is now possible to assign training exercises to individuals and groups. Player recovery after a long injury will also get aided through training.

Quick subs as a new addition and the new team styles added

The quick sub-mode makes it possible for you to pre-plan the behavior of substitutes before the match begins. For example, if your squad has a striker who can only be effective for 80 minutes, his replacement can get automatically lined up and ready to be done without having to leave the match. When the appropriate substituting time comes, the manager can either confirm the quick sub or cancel it in case the situation needs a different change.

FIFA 18 career mode has introduced team styles into the game. The team styles will involve quick passes, counter attacks, direct and harass play styles. Variations in the different teams you play against are important since career mode involves combining several offline games for its longevity. With the introduction of team styles, EA will add lots of excitement in the offline gameplay environments.

The career mode’s success has come about due to the weaving of all the new and old features to form an ecosystem model that is hard to judge until you get yourself into the game. The career mode in FIFA 18 has gotten a perfect upgrade through the various issues addressed and several surprises that will get displayed for the first time such as the cut scenes.

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